The Journey

Living A Life Of Relational Discipleship

5 Key Things You Need To Live The Life God Has For You

The following excerpt was taken from a blog post written by Aaron Couch, the lead coach of Real Life Ministries in Moscow, Idaho. You can read the full post here –  Aaron’s blog. I often hear from leaders that if someone else did “X” (whatever “X” is), then I would be...

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Rooted In Relationship

Last month the Relational Discipleship Network, a group of like-minded churches that all live out individually and corporately the model Jesus gave us of Relational Discipleship, had their first Gathering event at Awaken Church in Charleston, South Carolina. There...

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Identify And Equip For Spiritual Maturity

As a disciple maker, It can be challenging at times to know how to help someone move along in their journey towards spiritual maturity - Wouldn't it be great if there was a resource that could show you how to identify where someone is in their spiritual...

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From Being Discipled To Becoming A Disciple Maker

Awaken Church in Charleston, South Carolina  shares the story of what can happen when a lost and lonely man comes into contact with a church whose people model Jesus’ method of discipleship. “My life was a wreck – I would describe myself as: an adulterer,...

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4 Battles A Leader Can Avoid When Starting A Small Group

So - you are ready to start a small group! And in your mind you see it going so well -every member in the group connecting and sharing in deep and meaningful ways, growing deeper in relationship with God and each other every week, nary a problem or...

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